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Strong writing and editing skills; proven ability to distill complex scientific papers and reports into accurate, accessible articles for a nontechnical audience. Writing and Editing Services – Rev. Gina Pond

Types of Jobs EDITORIAL. An editor acquires and develops book projects for publication. PROMOTIONS. Promotions departments are responsible for overseeing the creation... PUBLICITY. Publicists promote individual titles and authors through mass mailings,... SALES. Publishing sales departments call ... Writing Careers That You Have Probably Never Even Thought Of Executive Assistant. This is the perfect writing career for someone who is versatile and good at editing other people's work. One moment you might be constructing a briefing for your boss and the next moment you could be preparing documents to go in the company's annual report. Important Writing and Editing Skills That Employers Value

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How to Find Ebook Writing and Editing Jobs | Inkwell Editorial How to Find Ebook Writing and Editing Jobs October 4, 2012 By Yuwanda, Site Editor Author Note: This ebook was inspired, in part, by a discussion of a $3,000+ ebook writing project . Careers After an English Major | Department of English "I originally pursued a career as a magazine writer/editor, freelance writing for several magazines and working as a copy editor for a website that focused on film. Then I worked as an editor for a Teen magazine until the publication folded in 2001.

Exceptional verbal, written and presentation skills (grammar, writing, and editing) in order to interact professionally with individuals both within the firm... Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to SimplyHired or its affiliates.

Online Proofreading and Editing Jobs | LoveToKnow Wordy is "a professional copy-editing and proofreading service" that focuses on improving "the accuracy and readability of content" for its clients. They specialize in providing quick turnarounds, indicating that most jobs can be completed within 20 minutes of order. Writing and Editing | CSUSB CAL Writing and Editing Many English majors seek a career in writing or editing. The professional paths described below allow graduates to pursue their interests in crafting, revising, and editing texts of various kinds. Proofreading as a career – some pointers | LibroEditing ... If only I knew of editing as a career option back in school (quite long back now), I wouldn’t have wasted so much time contemplating all sorts of odd career choices. Anyway, Liz, in time I plan to expand my client base (quite honestly, a little difficult in India, where everyone is a self-styled English expert; and a writer ; and an editor too). English Proofreading Jobs | Upwork

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Technical Writing & Editing - Direct Hire Authority. 1083 Technical Writing And Editing. The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and air, space and cyberspace.... 7 Careers To Explore in Writing and Editing | 7 Careers To Explore in Writing and Editing. In your spare time you scribble sentences, rearrange paragraphs, or read for pleasure. You’re always first to spot spelling and grammar errors. Could be you’re a candidate for a writing career. Writers are romanticized as creative hermits, holed away from society while working on the Great Canadian Novel. That may be true for some fiction writers.

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There are many jobs you can get with a professional writing degree, including copywriting, editing, and technical writing. A professional writer is someone who has received a degree in a field related to writing, usually an English Literature or Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree.

10 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing… Want freelance writing jobs? If you're looking to make a living as a freelance writer, start byIt has its own job board which you can browse to find your next career move or freelance gig!This weekly e-newsletter provides a nice compendium of freelance writing and editing jobs of all shapes and sizes... 5 Steps for Editing Your Own Writing The best writing sounds smooth—almost like you’re speaking, without getting colloquial. So actually listening to your written syntax is one of the best waysSelf-editing is a tough skill to develop, but it's one that can only help your career. It ensures your writing puts your best foot forward, even when... Careers in Writing (Careers in) - PDF Free Download